Warehouse Shelves Are A Direct Way To Increase Warehouse Capacity And Efficiency

11. 25, 2019

Nowadays, with the diversification of products produced by many factories, the placement of materials and finished products is increasing, then, how to maximize the storage capacity and personnel efficiency of the warehouse, the following Warehouse Storage System Manufacturer tell you.

1. Increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. People who know logistics and warehousing know that items can be stacked. Stacking several layers directly affects the storage capacity of a warehouse, but a good shelf is an invisible increase in the stacking of goods. The ability to improve the space utilization of the entire warehouse, the storage capacity of the warehouse is invisibly increased, and the storage capacity is doubled according to the calculation of the stacking capacity of one layer. Of course, this kind of stacking is only one aspect, and the shelf can increase the storage capacity of the warehouse from its intensiveness and structural convenience.

2. The structure of the shelf for easy access to goods can affect the convenience of accessing goods. The qualification is well understood. If the width of the shelf is designed to be wide, it can store a lot of things, but it will not be put in and out of the goods. Too convenient. Similarly, if the shelf design is relatively narrow, the storage capacity of the shelf and the security of the shelf will be lost. A properly structured shelf is capable of combining all of the above aspects, such as Longspan Shelving.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

3. Improve the safety of goods to improve the safety of goods is not only placed in, there are certain requirements in the storage environment, if the storage environment is quite humid, then wood, paper goods have security problems, which requires When the shelf is designed, it can be easily ventilated; for example, when storing red wine, the temperature should not be hot, and when the shelf is slightly shaken, the chassis can be stabilized, which has various requirements for the shelf.

4. Warehouse storage is an important part of modern enterprise management. As the enterprise grows and develops, it will find that the warehouse often faces too many problems. For example, the daily sorting and turnover of goods, the existing warehouse capacity is not enough. It’s gone. In fact, it seems to us to improve the storage capacity, new expansion of the warehouse is necessary, but often the expansion is not necessarily all right, is not your storage equipment is not adequately equipped. For example, warehouse shelves are not used or used well enough. So to improve the warehouse capacity, what can the warehouse shelves do for you? The warehouse shelves are three-dimensional storage equipment, which can make full use of the upper space of the warehouse. If such shelves are regularly arranged in the warehouse, the goods are sorted and placed in the corresponding shelves, and after the three-dimensional storage is realized, a lot of places can be freed for other purposes. This is equivalent to increasing the capacity of the warehouse in the invisible, making the warehouse more loaded and more scientific.

5. In the usual business, we found that many warehouses are in a hurry, and some of them are not good for the types of equipment used in shelves, or not advanced enough. For example, some companies' warehouses use very general shelves in order to consider the cost, but in fact, compared to their own products, choosing other types of shelves will be more and easier to operate. Such an operation is of course not conducive to improving the storage capacity. The choice of a Storage Shelf should fully consider the relevant factors of storage, choose the right type, do a good job, and make the shelf to make the best use of it. The storage shelves are the same. Some people see other people's advanced automation equipment, but also want to use this, but they do not know that traditional shelves are suitable for their own situation. A good set of shelves can improve the warehouse's storage capacity, storage level, storage quality, and storage security, and the future development trend will move toward the intelligentization of storage.

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