What Is The Difference Between The Surface Of Warehouse Storage Rack Systems Being Processed And Not Being Processed?

06. 05, 2019

First of all, we must know that the Warehouse Storage Rack Systems surface treatment is a process that must be passed through the entire shelf production process. If the surface of the shelf is not sprayed after the production is completed, the shelf is unqualified. Therefore, as long as it is a storage shelf, the surface treatment must be carried out at the time of production, so what kind of effect can be achieved by the treatment of the surface.

The processing of the Metal Racking Systems surface mainly includes: pickling, phosphating, drying, spraying and other processes. The storage shelves after these treatments can not only be more aesthetically pleasing in appearance, but also can effectively help the shelf to improve the overall durability of the shelf. . It can make the whole shelf more durable, will not easily oxidize and rust, and greatly extend the shelf life. Storage shelves that have not been specially treated on the surface will become very susceptible to oxidation during future use due to collisions between the goods and the contact with water or other liquids. And rust oxidation, metal corrosion will directly affect the life of a shelf.

Warehouse Storage Rack Systems

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