What Are Classifications of Metal Structure Platform

11. 22, 2021

You may have seen metal structure platform and loft shelves, in fact, these two are divided into many kinds, such as warehouse steel structure platform, workshop steel structure platform, double-layer loft shelves, three-layer loft shelves, heavy-duty loft shelves, etc. Today warehouse shelving system supplier will take you to understand the classification and difference between these.

Steel shelving


Steel structure workshop platform should first consider how large its bearing capacity, how many machines, how much weight per square meter to bear, all these should be considered in the design.


The steel platform is designed to bear the weight of people and office appliances. Generally, it is designed to be about 150~200kg per square meter. Columns and steel beams can be H-beam, I-beam, etc. The floor can be decorated with wooden boards, floor tiles, etc.

Production workshop

When designing the steel platform, the number of people, the weight of machines, and the weight of production materials should be fully considered. It can be designed to range from 200 to 600 kg per square meter... The larger the load capacity of the steel platform, the larger the foundation and steel used, and the higher the corresponding cost. When designing a steel deck, it is necessary to ensure that it matches the "building safety standards" of the original building. It cannot be forced to be installed blindly and must be customized by a professional architectural steel construction company.

For maintenance

This steel platform can be designed to be about 70 kg per square meter when bearing weight. Since it is only a spare platform and there are not many operators, the weight of maintenance tools can be replaced by steel beams instead of columns. Articulate with the original building. The maintenance ladder can be a steel ladder.

Storage of materials

At present, steel platforms are still mostly used for material storage in warehousing and logistics. When designing such steel platforms, the main consideration is the weight of the material, and the size of the foundation, columns, steel beams and secondary beams are determined according to the weight. The flooring can be shaped steel plates poured in concrete, wooden plates, patterned steel plates, etc.

Mezzanine steel platform project in Southeast Asia


Loft type shelving is an intermediate loft built on top of an existing work area or shelf to increase storage space. Loft type shelving can be set up as a two or three level loft or a higher level. This type of shelving should store some light and small to medium-sized goods. It is suitable for storing goods manually in large quantities and small quantities with many varieties.

Steel platform is usually a two or three story fully assembled steel platform built on an existing warehouse site. The space is changed from one level to two or three levels to make full use of space. The goods are transported to the second or third floor by forklift or freight elevator of the elevated platform, and then transported to the designated location by hand truck or hydraulic pallet truck.

At first glance, mezzanine steel platforms are similar to loft-type racks, and they have a lot in common: they can be built with two or three floors, depending on demand. Except for the bottom floor, the other floors can be covered with steel plates for carts. Both can have office areas inside the shelves as needed; both use fully assembled structure for easy disassembly; according to customer's needs, lighting system can be added inside the mezzanine shelves to facilitate night work. The design is made of mesh laminate and steel plate, and the steel platform is usually galvanized. In layman's terms, loft type shelves have shelves, usually medium-sized shelves, while steel platforms do not have shelves.

The specific shelf design needs to be based on the actual needs of the warehouse to achieve good warehouse utilization. If you are considering building storage steel racks for your warehouse to improve space utilization, contact our experts now and they will give you professional planning advice and purchase list.

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