What are the Shelves in the Warehouse?

03. 23, 2020

Warehouse shelves refer to stretchers used to store goods in warehouses. They are generally used in industrial warehouses, with more emphasis on upward development, making full use of storage space, and the maximum height can reach more than 40 meters. Supermarket shelves are generally the height of the peak height, and ordinary shelves are generally 3--5 meters. Warehouse shelves can have different types according to different classification standards. According to the structure classification, they can be divided into: beam shelves, corridors are shelves, measuring shelves, attic shelves, cantilever shelves, electronically controlled mobile shelves and pallets. The Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction below.

1. Beam-type shelves: quick and easy access, ensure that any items are first-in, first-out, no forklift type restrictions, fast pick-up speed, space utilization rate 30% -50% (determined by the type of forklift).

2. Corridor-type shelves: high-density storage, first-in-first-out, partial pick-up, 20% -30% optional, pick-up speed is normal, storage clearance can reach 60% of the entire warehouse.

3. Volumetric shelves: Ideal for high-density and high-efficiency storage of goods, adopting free-access design, very high inventory turnover rate, pick-up according to the order, fast pick-up, good ground utilization, net space station for storage 60% of the warehouse.

4. Loft-style shelves: The shelves are used for floor support, which can be designed as multi-storey floors (usually 2-3 floors) with stairs and cargo elevators. Simple loft-style shelves are made of double-holding columns. It can be used for support, storage of pallets, and bulk cargo. It is suitable for high warehouses, light and small goods, and manual access.

5. Cantilevered shelves: suitable for storing long and irregular objects, such as various types of pipe hoses and steel plates.

6. Electric mobile shelves: Each group of shelves can be individually moved on the track by electric power (mechanical). One channel can solve the operation of 6, 8, 10 or more shelves. Push the button to drive the shelf and open the required aisle.

7. Pallet Rack Warehouse: Pallet rack warehouse is used to design and store the cargo racks, generally using forklifts and other loading and unloading equipment.

Pallet Rack Warehouse

Pallet Rack Warehouse

Warehouse shelves are classified according to load, which can be divided into light shelves, medium shelves and Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Units. The maximum single-layer load can reach 150-250kg, 300-500kg, and 1-3 tons.

Whether it is a large warehouse or a small warehouse, goods are stored at the beginning of construction. Warehouse shelves can help to achieve the orderly placement of goods. In addition, the three-dimensional construction of shelves can also be extended to the space on a limited floor area to improve the warehouse. Utilization and expansion of the storage capacity of the warehouse; For the operation of modern enterprises, a complete storage rack system can not only save a lot of manpower and material costs, but also improve the efficiency of the enterprise warehouse operation, and the benefits are many.

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