What Is A Steel Structure Platform?

12. 16, 2019

We may have seen steel structure platforms and attic shelves, but the two are actually divided into many types, such as warehouse steel platforms, workshop steel platforms, double-level attic shelves, three-level attic shelves, heavy attic shelves, etc. Today the Warehouse Shelving System supplier will come to take you to understand the classification and difference between the two.

Steel structure factory building platform: The steel structure factory building platform must first consider how much it bears, how many machines, and how much weight each square meter must bear, which must be considered in design.

Office steel platform:

The steel structure platform is designed to bear the weight of people and office appliances when designing the load. Generally, it is designed to be about 150 ~ 200 kg per square meter. The columns and steel beams can be H-shaped steel, I-beam, etc. The floor can be tiled with wooden boards, floor tiles, etc Decorate and design a handrail of about 1 meter according to the site if necessary.

Production workshop steel platform:

When designing the steel platform, it is necessary to fully consider the number of people, the weight of the machine, and the weight of the production materials. It can be designed to range from 200 to 600 kg per square meter. . The larger the bearing capacity of the steel platform, the larger the foundation and steel used, and the higher the corresponding cost. When designing the steel platform, it is necessary to ensure that it meets the "building safety standards" with the original building. It cannot be forcibly and blindly installed, and must be customized by a professional construction steel structure company.

Steel platform for maintenance: This steel structure platform can be designed at about 70 kilograms per square meter when bearing load. Because it is only a spare platform, and only has a small number of operators, and the weight of maintenance tools, you can use steel beams instead of columns. Hinged with the original building. The maintenance ladder can be a steel ladder.

Steel platform for storage materials:

At present, the most used places for steel platforms are still storage, logistics, etc., which are used for material storage. When designing such steel platforms, the weight of the materials is mainly considered, and the size of the foundation, columns, steel beams, and secondary beams are determined based on the weight. The floor can be cast concrete with profiled steel plates, wood boards, pattern steel plates and so on.

Here are the differences and differences:

The attic shelf is to build an intermediate attic on the existing work site or shelf to increase the storage space.The attic shelf can be set up as a two- or three-story attic, or a higher floor.This type of shelf should store some light and small and medium-sized goods. It is suitable for large-volume and multi-variety small-volume goods, and is suitable for manual storage of goods. The steel structure platform is usually a two- or three-layer fully-assembled steel structure platform on the existing warehouse site. The space is changed from one floor to two or three floors to make full use of the space. The goods are delivered to the second and third floors by forklifts or freight elevators of the lifting platform, and then transported to the designated location by trolley or hydraulic pallet truck.

Mezzanine Steel Platform

Mezzanine Steel Platform

At first glance, Mezzanine Steel Platform looks like a loft-style shelf, and they have a lot in common: they can be built into two or three floors according to demand. Except for the ground floor, other floors can be covered with steel plates for carts. And staff walk on the floor by themselves; both need to design stairs, and all need to be equipped with cargo loading and unloading ports, so that users can deploy goods at any time; all can set up office areas inside the shelves according to needs; all adopt a fully assembled structure, convenient Disassembly; according to customer's needs, lighting systems can be added inside Mezzanine Racking to facilitate night work. Designed as mesh laminates and steel plates, steel platforms are usually galvanized. In layman's terms, loft-style shelves have shelves, usually medium-sized shelves, while steel platforms have no shelves. The steel platform, the difference between the attic shelf and the steel platform can be seen from the above. The specific shelf design needs to be based on the actual needs of the warehouse to achieve good warehouse utilization.

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