What Should Pay Attention to When Purchasing Storage Shelves?

03. 04, 2021

With the advancement of modern science and technology, people's living standards have improved visible to the naked eye. Huge changes have taken place in the storage industry. The traditional storage shelves with single functions in the past have been transformed into modern storage shelves with comprehensive functions, which has greatly promoted the development of shelves. Then the Storage Shelf Supplier will come to talk to you about some purchase precautions about the storage shelf.

Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse Shelves

First of all, the basic structure of the factory warehouse is different. When selecting and installing shelves, the primary requirement is to consider the height of the factory, which mainly refers to the height under the beam. Since the height under the beam determines the height of the shelves, Warehouse Shelves are mostly designed as top structures to increase storage capacity. The top floor has a fixed height from the factory ceiling. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the strength that the plant floor can withstand, how flat the ground is, and so on.

Because these installation requirements take up a certain amount of space, these spaces need to be avoided when designing the shelf structure. The same reason is the installation of lighting facilities. The specific proportion of goods stored in the factory is also one of the factors that affect the design of the shelf structure. According to the weight of the required goods, the shelf of the corresponding strength should be selected, so the number of goods determines the storage capacity of the selected shelf.

Followed by related loading and unloading equipment. When choosing a specific shelf, customers also need to consider the handling equipment for cargo handling and storage. Whether the design of the passage between the shelves is reasonable, which can meet the free entry and exit of the loading and unloading equipment, and complete the entry and exit of the goods. For example, the most commonly used storage and transportation equipment now is a stacker truck. If the stacker truck enters and exits the warehouse freely, the distance between the shelves must be appropriate. Therefore, whether it is a reasonable narrow aisle design or a counterweight rack structure design, customers can make specific designs on the basis of the original stacker model.

Finally, it is the frequency of obtaining goods. There are many types of shelves on the market, and many products have very powerful storage functions, but which one to choose depends on the actual quantity of goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The shelf format standards used for low storage capacity and high storage capacity are very different. This detail considers the maximum utilization of the shelves, reduces the customer's production logistics costs, and improves the utilization rate of the shelves.

Seeing here, everyone should have a preliminary planning plan in their minds. I hope that everyone will consider various factors when purchasing warehouse shelves to avoid problems in the later period. In addition, the company also provides Pallet Racks, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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