Several Points That Should be Paid Attention to When Choosing Storage Shelves

12. 28, 2020

(1) Plant structure

When selecting Storage Shelves for storage equipment, the effective height under the beam must be considered to determine the height of the shelves. The position of the beam and column will affect the configuration of the shelf. The strength of the floor and the flatness of the floor are also related to the design and installation of the shelf. In addition, the installation location of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities must be considered.

The shape and size of the stored items are directly related to the selection of shelf specifications, and the weight of the stored items directly affects the strength of the shelf. As for the storage unit, which unit is used for storage, pallets, storage cages, or single items have different types of shelves. In addition, the estimated number of total reserves must take into account the company's growth needs in the next two years. These data can be obtained through the analysis of the storage system, and we can also ask us to give some professional suggestions before designing.

(2) Accessibility

General accessibility and storage density are relative. That is to say, in order to obtain a higher storage density, it is necessary to sacrifice the accessibility of the goods. Although some types of shelves can get better storage density, their storage location management is more complicated, and it is often impossible to achieve first-in-first-out control. Of course, the best three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed upwards, with good accessibility and storage density, but the relative investment cost is relatively expensive. Therefore, which type of Industrial Racking storage equipment to choose is a compromise of various factors, and it is also a strategic application.

Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

(3) Handling equipment

Storage equipment storage and retrieval operations are completed by handling equipment. Therefore, when choosing storage equipment, you must also consider handling equipment. Stacker is a general-purpose handling equipment, and the width of the shelf aisle will directly affect the choice of stacker, which is counterweight or narrow aisle.

(4) Inbound and outbound volume

Although some Light-Duty Shelves have good storage density, the amount of in and out of the warehouse is not high, which is suitable for low-frequency operations. The high volume of in and out of storage is a very important data, which is an important consideration for the selection of the shelf form.

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