Why Everyone Loves Using Selective Pallet Racking?

06. 04, 2018

Selective Pallet Racking has become easily the most versatile and popular racking in the business. It features the best options for warehouses using palletized goods and a vast array of products.


1 Immediate access to each pallet

2 Straightforward stock direction

3 Adaptable to some merchandise quantity, size or weight

4 Save costs by using Wide Span beams with specific conclusion connectors

Selective Pallet Rack can be obtained with either bolted or welded (boltless) frames. The organization's patented beam-to-frame connection generates the most stiff and dependable structure accessible. Additionally, it offers exceptional protection against harm, tampering and accidental disengagement.

We are trusted Selective Pallet Racking Supplier. If you have any questions,welcome to contact me.

Selective Pallet Racking

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