Why Should I Use Pallet Shuttle Racks in Warehouse

03. 21, 2022

In recent years, it is an indisputable fact that pallet shuttle racks have become popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Its own characteristic composition makes it a more efficient operating advantage than other ordinary storage racks in a limited space, and has many features in operation that other traditional racks do not have.

Increased cargo storage capacity

When using a pallet shuttle system, multiple goods can be stored and accessed from each other in deep storage, or from a single aisle. Compressing multiple goods at the same time makes it possible to store multiple goods in a smaller footprint, greatly increasing storage capacity and also improving picking efficiency in the bulk area.

Why Should I Use Pallet Shuttle Racks in Warehouse

Improved stacking efficiency

For lighter, heavier and looser goods, we all know that it poses a great challenge to production and distribution operations. We can stack 3-4 levels high, but can only store 1-2 levels high, which reduces the overall storage capacity. However, shuttle systems allow for this kind of deep storage space, which is better suited for super stacks and large overhangs.

Cost Reduction

Because pallet shuttle racks only require the use of shuttles for work, one operator can control multiple shuttles. As a result, warehouse labor is greatly reduced, which also saves companies money.

Why Should I Use Pallet Shuttle Racks in Warehouse

Reduce energy consumption

When we use a pallet shuttle system, we can make the aisles of the storage area more flexible. Different goods can also be stored, and FIFO management can be easily done. Of course, it can also improve the utilization of space and reduce labor. By integrating shuttle racking storage systems, the storage space occupied by a warehouse can be reduced by 50%. In addition, by using shuttle racks, a narrower space can be created for refrigeration, and cold storage can reduce energy consumption by more than 60%.

Improved safety rate

With the use of pallet shuttle racks, safety rates and operational stability will be improved across the board. When using shuttle racks for storage and storage of goods, the probability of collision between racks and forklifts is reduced, ensuring the safety of staff and equipment.

Why Should I Use Pallet Shuttle Racks in Warehouse

Multi Level Shuttle Car

Improve efficiency

Generally speaking, warehouse storage goods need to go through one or more operations during the operation. However, when storing goods on the ground, it is necessary to use multiple forklifts to drive down the aisles and then deep into the rows. We can calculate that such an operation generates a lot of labor and forklift maintenance costs. Then, if a pallet shuttle system is used instead, only one retrieval aisle is required, which reduces labor and forklift use, thus increasing efficiency as well.

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