Why are More and More Companies Using Pallet Shuttle Racks?

07. 28, 2021

It is an indisputable fact that pallet shuttle racks have been popular among small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. Their own characteristic composition allows them to play a more efficient operation advantage in a limited space than other ordinary storage shelves in operation, and have many characteristics that other traditional shelves do not have.

pallet shuttle rack

pallet shuttle rack

Improve shelf stacking efficiency

For lighter, heavier, and looser goods, we all know that it brings great challenges in manufacturing and distribution operations. We can stack things that are 3-4 high, but can only store 1-2 high, which reduces the overall storage capacity. However, the shuttle system can achieve this kind of deep storage space, and it is more suitable for super stacks and large overhangs.


Increase cargo storage

When the pallet shuttle system is used, multiple goods can be stored and accessed on top of each other in the deep storage, and can also be accessed from one channel. Compressing multiple goods at the same time can store multiple goods in a small footprint, which greatly increases the storage capacity and also improves the efficiency of picking in the bulk area.


Improve bulk warehouse efficiency

When we use the tray shuttle system, we can make the storage area channel more flexible. Different goods can also be stored, and FIFO can be managed easily and freely. Of course, it can also increase the utilization rate of the space and reduce the labor force. By integrating the shuttle rack storage system, the storage space occupied by the warehouse can be reduced by up to 50%. Moreover, by using shuttle racks, a narrower space can be created for freezing, and the cold storage can reduce energy consumption by more than 60%.


pallet racking systems

pallet racking systems

Increase work efficiency

Generally speaking, the warehouse store goods needs to through one or more operations during operations. However, when storing goods on the floor, it is necessary to use multiple forklifts to drive in the aisle, and then go deep into rows. We can calculate that such an operation will generate a lot of labor and forklift maintenance costs. Then, if it is replaced with a pallet shuttle system, only one retrieval channel is needed to reduce labor and forklift usage, thereby also improving work efficiency.


Cut costs

Because pallet shuttle racks only need to use shuttle cars for work, one operator can control several shuttle cars. Therefore, the warehouse labor is greatly reduced, which also saves the cost of the enterprise.

Improve safety rate and production factor

After the pallet shuttle rack is used, the safety factor and stability of the operation will be improved in an all-round way. When the shuttle rack is used to store and store goods, the probability of collision between the rack and the forklift is reduced, which ensures the safety of staff and equipment.


The radio shuttle rack allows you to truly maximize the warehouse space. If you are looking for a radio pallet shuttle rack supplier who can provide you with quality products at a reasonable price, we will be your best choice. Contact us now.

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