Largest Mini-load ASRS & AGV Project in Southwest China

Дата проекта: 05. 27, 2019

Through more than 6 months' work by Maxrac team, the largest MINILOAD ASRS project in Southwest of China, for Feiliks Group, 

is successfully completed, which will bring qualitative improvement on service quality and work efficiency of this reputable brand.

Largest Mini-load ASRS

Feiliks is a listed company focus on 3rd-party logistics solution in IT & Communications & Auto & Precision instrument industry with over 25 year's history. Planning for this project started from Mar,2018. Through large amounts of investigation and research for current warehousing data, Maxrac team finally won out among 32 logistics equipment suppliers with professional solution careful consideration of client's needs. Details of project could be found as below.

Largest Mini-load ASRS

Project Type: Miniload ASRS System
Floor Area: 3000㎡
Company: Feiliks Corp Ltd, logistics industry
Finishing Date: May,2019
Scale: 36480 storage position, 12 cranes, 840m conveyor, 10 AGV, Maxrac WMS system installed.

With completion of new system, output and input of whole warehouse could reach to 960pc each hour with 99.8% precision rate. It'll save 60%-80% labour cost compared with previous warehouse.

Largest Mini-load ASRS

Largest Mini-load ASRS Largest Mini-load ASRS Largest Mini-load ASRS

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